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For Commuters

We help you get from Point A to B with ease.

From RideMatching services for Carpools & VanPools, to Transit Support and Car/Bike Sharing - we're here to make your commute easier and more efficient.

Let us improve your commute

We help commuters with shared rides, public transportation, bike/walk

We support riders with the NYS Department of Transportation 511 NY Rideshare Program

Cut commute costs and reduce the stress of your morning commute. We help you find carpool and vanpool opportunities to get you where you need to go.

With the 511NY Rideshare program, we will help you get connected and plan your way with public transit, bike, and walk options.

MetroPool can provide analysis for transit access and transportation surveys to improve commuters experience.


Having a hard time getting to and from work or train stations? We can help.


Have a group of co-workers that live near you? We provide VanPool & Shuttle services in New York & Connecticut.


For more than three decades we have designed and implemented innovative shuttle services, utilizing vans and buses to and from train stations & work sites.

Car & Bike Share

Let us help you set up a car or bike share program in your city or at your workplace.

Park & Ride Lots

On behalf of NYSDOT, we negotiate and manage contracts for supplemental Park & Ride Lots.

Our management of supplemental Park & Ride lots results in reducing over 2 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled every year.

7 out 8 NYS DOT Park & Ride Lots

Two Million Vehicle Miles Reduced Annually

Commuter Tax Benefits & Incentives

VanPooling or taking public transit to work? The Commuter Tax Benefit Program could save you hundreds of tax dollars each year.

Federal tax law (Section 132 `{`f`}` of the Internal Revenue Code), allows employers to offer transit passes or vanpool subsidies to employees and allows employees to set aside pretax income to pay for transit or vanpool fares

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